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Mag-Spark Description

Manufactured by Hubbard's Outdoor Products, Mag-Spark is the most innovative improvement to muzzle loading since the rifled barrel. It fits your rifle in place of the percussion nipple and uses inexpensive, readily available SHOTSHELL PRIMERS for instant ignition of all powders and propellants. No more misfires, slowfires or dangerous hangfires. Works in any weather, with any propellant. Shotshell primers provide abundant fire to burn the propellant charge-completely. EVERY TIME!! This makes for consistent velocities, which makes for tighter groups (Also reduces flinching).

Another important feature of the shotshell primer is that it is made with a rim , or flange, making it impossible to be put in upside down or sideways. This is not true with rifle or pistol primers. If you have ever tried to use them, you already know this. Moreover, rifle and pistol primers stick when fired. Have you ever tried to get one out in time for another shot? Forget it!!. You CAN remove the shotshell primer from the MAG-SPARK, because of the rim feature.

Made of stainless steel, the MAG-SPARK features a hardened firing pin, and is intended to last for a lifetime of normal use. Nothing, not even an expensive in-line rifle can deliver the reliability of a MAG-SPARK equipped rifle. It is FULLY GUARANTEED, INEXPENSIVE, EASY TO INSTALL, LOOKS GOOD ~ AND IT WORKS.

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Mag-Spark Testimonials

The adapters have been working great using 209 Winchester triple 7 primers and very good accuracy. I no longer hunt with my in-line rifles mainly bacause the Hawken 209 adapters have all the primer fragments and fire blast completely enclosed and I've never had a mis-fire or failure in about 500 rounds!

I use the Mag sparks on scoped T/C Hawken and fast twist Green Mountain stainless barrels and use the Hodgdens 2F triple 7 powder in both 45 and 50 cal (70-80g powder) and use the saboted bullets for whitetail deer hunting. The long barrels on the Hawkens (28 inch) also get in the neighborhood of 30/30 velocities!

I seen some of the BP guys were not aware of the 209 adapters side locks so I steered them in your direction!

Bruce Sawyer,
NRA Member

Subject: Mag-spark is fantastic!


I recently ordered one of your Mag-Sparks for my old CVA Bobcat muzzleloader after much debate about whether or not I should upgrade to an inline since it's been getting harder and harder to find No. 11 percussion caps locally. Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome product. I've been shooting Winchester 209 Triple 7 muzzleloading primers with Pyrodex RS 90 grains pushing a 250 grain aerolite powerbelt, and it's been turning heads. Ignition is so instant I can't tell the difference between shooting my CVA, and shooting my .30-06.

James C.
Oxford, MS

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Warren Custom Outdoor - Unique Outdoor Products
Manufacturer/Model Size Manufacturer/Model Size
The Armory6.75 Navy Arms 
Armsport6.75      Ithaca Hawkin1/4-28
Browning1/4-28      Buffalo Hunter1/4-28
Colt1/4-28      1858 Two Band6.75
CVA6.1      Kentucky Rifle1/4-28
Cabellas6.75 Zouave5/16-24
Charles Daly6.75   
Dixie Arms Hurricane Rifle1/4-28
     Mountain Rifle1/4-28 Hawkin Hunter5/16-24
     Kentucky Pistol1/4-32 Parker Hale1/4-32
     Zouave Rifle5/16-24 Pedersol1/4-28
     Kentucky Rifle6.1 Richland Arms6.75
     Berdan Rifle6.1 Ruger12-28
Euroarms6.75 Sile 
Hopkins & Allen       Newer6.75
     Special5/16-24      Older8.125
     Others1/4-32 Springfield Hawkin6.1
H&R  Thompson Center
     Huntsman Adapter1/4-28      Hawkin1/4-28
Hatfield1/4-28      Renegade1/4-28
Heritage6.1      Cherokee12-28
Invest Arms6.75      Seneca12-28
Iver Johnson6.1      Other T/C’s1/4-28
Kodak1/4-28 Traditions6.1
Lyman6.75 Trial Guns Armory1/4-28
Warren Custom Outdoor - Unique Outdoor Products 
These sizes were provided courtesy of Ben Hubbard of Hubbard Outdoor Products. We believe them to be correct.


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